Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two Little Things

Evenings are crushing us.

Get home. Wash hands. Possibly go potty. Eat dinner. Take asthma treatment. Get undressed. Possibly go potty. Get in the tub. Possibly go potty (sometimes in the tub). Get out. Slather on ointment/cream. Get in PJs. Eat dessert. Brush teeth. Go potty. Read books. Tally up good behavior. Possibly go potty. Go to sleep.

Woven through all that is cleaning up dinner, straightening up toys, organizing empty and full bottles, cleaning out the lunch box, putting away laundry. And, Oh, Taking Care of the Baby.

But last night—while a sinus headache and a wailing baby were in competition for tightest squeeze hold on my skull—you did two little things that saved us all.

"Mommy," you said, "I can get dressed and put my cream on by myself."


Thank you, my sweet big girl, for growing up just a little bit last night.