Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It beats therapy

Let me start by saying that I do not understand the appeal of blogs.

I don't read them. Even if someone sends me a link with the presumptuous tag, "You'll love this one," I usually bail out after a quick scan.

It doesn't matter if the writing is exquisite. It doesn't matter if the topic is something I'm dying to know more about. I always end up getting hung up on two questions: Who do these people think they are? And why should I care about what they have to say?

That said ...

A few things have led me to attempt to further dilute the gene pool of what constitutes good writing by starting my own blog.

For one, my most creative writing lately has involved sending e-mails to colleagues with chestnuts like, "Will do," "Righty-o" and "WTF?" That makes me sad.

I am also trying to avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars on therapy, a messy divorce and/or fleeing the country. More on that some other time.

Finally--and perhaps the underlying reason for the above--I am a new mom. And babies are the new puppies, right?

So like most bloggers, I'd imagine, I'm doing this more for myself than I am for any readers who might stumble on Lily's Pad. My apologies to all of you.