Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To the mommy sitting next to me at ballet class:

Hi there. Yep, that's my kid. The one in the pink tights that don't exactly match her pink leotard.

(Seriously, how many shades of ballet pink are there?)

It looks like she's going to be partners with your daughter for this part of the class. There they go, galloping together across the room ... holding hands ... stumbling a bit ... oops! And down they go. It's only the second week, right?

By the way, I love your girl's curls. So sweet!

You can probably tell from the way my kid is giggling that she's a little shy. But once she gets to know someone, she's a good friend. She's really a lot of fun.

Kind of like me.

So, since the girls are going to be partners and all, I figured I'd introduce myself. Maybe we can sort of pair up, too. Especially since the rest of the families here seem to know each other so well already. They probably grew up together or met through their older children or they're related somehow.

I admit, I get intimidated by groups like that. It's one of my hang-ups.

Speaking of hanging up, have you been texting with somebody this whole time? Meanwhile I'm totally interrupting you. OMG, I'm so embarrassed. I must be the RUDEST PERSON ON EARTH.

Guess I might as well check my e-mail, too...


Shawna said... [Reply to comment]

Oh! This so reminds me of one Kindermusik class that my eldest daughter took. Her first unparented class, where all the parents waited in the hallway. AND they ALL knew eachother, somehow, someway. And they were so deep into themselves and their community gossip that I had nothing to contribute. I'm sure they all thought I was an awful snob... or the rudest person on earth. Oh these social things. Still hard.